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Archive for December, 2017

Ways to Improve the Onboarding Experience

Posted by: Kim McGregor

How to Improve the Employee Onboarding Process Resumes were reviewed, candidates screened, interviews conducted, job offer made and accepted. The open position has been filled. Done? No. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2016, 20% of employees left their jobs in the first 45 days. That’s not a lot of time on the…

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Six Steps to Meaningful Change

Posted by: Megan Younkin

Data is pretty easy to come by these days. When it comes to employee feedback, it seems like the challenge has shifted from “How do I collect employee perception data?” to “What am I supposed to do with all this DATA?!” People Element can help with our simplified process for achieving meaningful change. Whether your…

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Communication is Key to Engagement Survey Success

Posted by: Kandy Focht

When it comes to having a successful engagement survey project, a strong internal communication plan is critical. For an engagement survey to be effective you need to have high participation so that you hear as many voices as possible, and communication is key to achieving this. We have seen organizations with participation rates over 90%…

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Achieving Meaningful Change with the GROW Coaching Model

Posted by: Casey Holcom

Professional coaching impacts individuals, who in turn impact their team and organization. Utilizing the GROW model, People Element’s coaches support your leaders and managers in creating meaningful improvement throughout your organization. Our coaches maximize the investment in your most important resource – your people. We offer coaching support in partnership with all our services. Our…

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