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Archive for February, 2018

Building a Better Bond with Your Drivers

Posted by: Kim McGregor

With the day-to-day focus on meeting goals and the bottom line, the personal component of our jobs is often left behind. Think about the people in our lives we have relationships with; family, friends, neighbors. Where do these relationships start? It all starts with knowing enough about someone to have a conversation and build a…

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Perceptions of Healthcare Leadership

Posted by: Kandy Focht

What are exiting healthcare professionals saying about their former employers? At People Element, we investigate this by looking at how exiting employees rated leadership in their organization. Because leadership can be defined in many different ways, we separate the findings into three buckets: Immediate supervisor/manager, directors/mid-management, and senior leadership. People Element conducts exit surveys that…

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Orientation Alone Isn’t Enough: You Need an Onboarding Process to Keep New Hires

Posted by: Kristin DeSimone

We frequently hear “We already have an employee onboarding process.” in our discussions at People Element. By digging deeper, we have learned that this statement has different meanings depending on who we are speaking with. Often times, people are using the terms onboarding and orientation interchangeably. They are not the same thing. New hire orientation is an event during the onboarding process. Onboarding is the process used to assimilate new employees into your organization.

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What Makes Your Employees Want to Stay?

Posted by: Michael McNeill

Why do people decide to stay in their job? There are many answers to this question – almost as many as people employed. Everyone knows what makes them excited to get out of bed in the morning, and it’s rarely the exact same thing as the people they share an office with. John has been…

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4 Ways You Can Motivate Drivers to Improve Efficiency

Posted by: Liz Sheffield

Successful trucking organizations understand that operational efficiency depends on many factors, including driver motivation. Efficient operations require not only top-quality equipment, expedient systems, as well as safe and productive procedures; it also requires motivated drivers and non-drivers. For motivated drivers, it’s not just about getting the miles and receiving a paycheck; it’s about having pride…

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Benefits of Confidential Surveys vs. Non-Confidential

Posted by: Megan Wibben

When you want to measure the thoughts and opinions your employees have about their work experiences, you’ll want to consider conducting employee surveys. Employee surveys, whether it’s exit, new hire, or engagement, are great sources of information. They allow you to gather the information you need in a concise and quick manner while gleaning important…

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Leadership as a Factor in New Employee Onboarding

Posted by: Tali Lippitt

The employee onboarding experience is the one of the greatest opportunities to put your best foot forward. It’s the chance to get to know your employee and for them to get to know the organization in a way that will earn their loyalty for staying with you long-term. Training and on-boarding is more than simply learning the job requirements, department processes, and company policies. It’s the time when a new employee taps into the company culture and gets a true feel for whether or not the position and organization will be a good fit for their long-term career goals.

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Benefits of Exit Interviews through a Third Party

Posted by: Kim McGregor

Why are My Employees Leaving? The Benefits of Exit Interviews So many of our employees are leaving and we need to find out why. How can we find out? Should we just ask them ourselves? When it comes to conducting exit interviews, take into consideration that the best approach to finding out what’s really causing…

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Do Those With an “Axe to Grind” Skew Exit Data?

Posted by: Jay Green

As the leading provider for retention strategies and exit interview surveys, we occasionally hear prospects object to exit interview surveys feeling that those with an axe to grind will skew their results and they will not get good data. Since that doesn’t hold true in practice, let’s dive a little deeper and put this myth to bed once and for all.

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