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Archive for March, 2018

Learning Something New About Your New Hire

Posted by: Tali Lippitt

New employee onboarding can be overwhelming. There are a number of items you need to “check” off the list to ensure you set up your new employee for success. One item, sometimes easily forgotten, is making the effort to learn about who your employee is. Sure, you spent time vetting their skills and qualifications, feeling…

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Staying or Leaving: Learning from Driver Feedback

Posted by: Jessica Barrett

Ideally, trucking companies would retain most of their drivers, and not have to worry about things like a strong exit interview process. While some attrition is to be expected, one way to minimize unwanted driver turnover is by gaining insight into what drivers are thinking and feeling before they make the decision to leave. The…

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Improving Driver Relationships With Personality Assessments

Posted by: Jessica Barrett

Finding drivers who fit the dynamic of your culture is critical. As you think about your hiring process and the leadership styles of your driver managers, consider the kinds of personalities you might look for, and which of those will blend well within your organization. Learning someone’s personality type can take time, and learning how…

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