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Archive for May, 2018

Using Inboarding to Develop and Engage Your Employees

Posted by: Tali Lippitt

There is a lot of focus and effort on the employee onboarding process, but an often overlooked and vital step to employee retention is the inboarding process. At the manager and organizational level, a lot of time and effort is spent to successfully onboard an employee. Once that is complete, it is still important to…

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Strengthen the Supervisor-Employee Relationship with Regular Check-Ins

Posted by: Tali Lippitt

Regularly meeting with your staff can easily drop to the bottom of the list, especially with how many responsibilities supervisors have these days. The professional development conversations and regular check-ins with your employees have multiple benefits for your department and the company, including improving employee engagement. Knowing what is going on with your employees helps…

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3 Steps to Find and Keep Your Best Drivers

Posted by: Liz Sheffield

Greater Driver Retention Statistics from stay and exit interviews reveal compelling themes about what might make professional drivers stay: 68% of current drivers get feedback from their manager 80% of highly engaged drivers feel their suggestions for changes are given consideration And, what might make them leave: 94% of disengaged drivers don’t believe their supervisor…

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The Real Reasons Drivers Quit

Posted by: Kandy Focht

Are you facing high driver turnover in your trucking organization and trying to determine the root causes of why people are leaving? Understanding what’s causing them to call it quits is a huge hurdle for a lot of companies, but that’s where confidential surveys come in. One of the questions we ask in all of…

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