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Archive for July, 2018

Are Your Driver Managers Dictating or Managing?

Posted by: Jay Green

It’s no mystery that quality driver managers pay off in the form of productive, safe drivers who will stay with your company. But how will you know if someone will be a quality manager before they take the role? Should they be a former driver, or someone without driving experience? A recent graduate that can…

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How to Get Managers to Act on Survey Data

Posted by: People Element

Employee surveys have become common practice in today’s workplace. Typically, employers use employee surveys with hopes of boosting engagement, improving retention, and increasing workplace morale and productivity. When employers see employee surveys as opportunities to create real change at an organizational level and commit to develop and execute action plans, the results can be astounding.…

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What Can You Learn from Drivers Who Don’t Take the Job?

Posted by: Jay Green

Nothing is more frustrating than spending time, money, and resources on recruiting a driver, taking them through the application process, running the proper background checks, and then offering them the job, only to have them turn you down for another carrier. Did someone make them a better offer? Could the recruiter have done anything different…

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