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Employee 360 degree feedback for targeted growth and development

360 Evaluation and Assessment

If knowledge is power, then self-knowledge is empowerment. 360 degree feedback tool, survey and assessments serve as an invaluable tool by revealing to your employees their hidden strengths and blind spots, and promotes professional development, self-aware leadership, and more effective teams. When properly designed and delivered by a third-party, the insights that 360 feedback survey provides help raise self-awareness and leads to increased self-management and accountability.

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Professional development

Our 360 assessment goes beyond other 360 degree feedback tools where we offer a fully-managed process that includes guided training for both subject and respondents, a selection of data collection methods based on your needs, and a confidential debrief coaching session to help identify insights and how to put them into immediate action. We make the process simple so leaders and managers can confidently take that action to build on their strengths and improve upon areas of opportunity.

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360 degree assessments

  • Identify strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Create a plan of action for professional development
  • Improve performance
  • Reinforce behavioral expectations
  • Increase accountability
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“While there are plenty of customizable 360 instruments to choose from, we selected you and the [People Element] staff because of your professionalism, flexibility, and guidance on how to make this a successful tool for our team.”

-Director, Leadership Development and Effectiveness, TeleTech Holdings, Inc.

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