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Benefits of Exit Interviews

Posted by: Diane Irvin

People are a major investment for your company. You need to know what they think and how committed they are to the company’s success. So, why would a manager care what employees think after they are gone? Besides using “lessons learned” to improve retention of valued employees, clear and honest exit data is the only way to learn candidly what is going on that current employees will never risk telling you.

Exit data is some of the most important data a manager can have. During the recession, when employees were not quitting their jobs, 90% of People Element exit interview clients continued their exit interview contracts – even if their turnover was acceptable. Why was this a good business decision?

Current employees rarely tell someone who controls their pay that there is a problem. Rare communication is anecdotal data, which is unacceptable for making solid business decisions. Exited employees candidly tell trained, professional interviewers the unvarnished truth when they are guaranteed confidentiality of their responses or given a comprehensive survey.

Quality exit interview data coming from employees at the end of the “employee lifecycle” is the only way for managers to get large quantities of the unvarnished truth that will help them to:

Exit interviews aren’t all bad news. Each one includes what the former employee misses about the job – which is a priceless message to both current staff and potential new hires during the recruiting process.

Manage turnover, increase profits, and keep your best employees all with the help of exit interviews. Learn more here, or send us an email or call us at 800.800.5476.

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