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Boost Manager Effectiveness for Better Performance

Posted by: People Element

Managers have a critical impact on engagement and retention in the workplace. At their best, good managers know how to support their employees and keep them engaged, while continuing to grow and improve themselves. But when they lack key skills, managers have the potential to hinder organizational performance, stunt innovation, and cause employees to quit.

People Element can help you quickly assess manager effectiveness with questions designed to generate actionable feedback that supports improvement, and allow managers to take steps towards realizing their full potential. You can measure manager effectiveness as a stand-alone survey, or combine with another survey such as engagement.

People Element measures manager effectiveness in areas such as:

By providing managers with feedback and resources, you empower them with the ability to be their best and inspire others, and help employees feel connected, supported, and engaged.

To learn more about People Element’s manager effectiveness surveys, contact us today.

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