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Customized Consulting and Training Bring Big Results at Boyd Bros

As with most trucking companies at the time, Boyd experienced high driver turnover in excess of 125%. It was a mystery as to why drivers were leaving and what they could do about it. In order to identify the reasons for the…. View Full Case Study

Outsourcing Exit Interviews at Health First Cut Turnover Costs by Over $1 Million

Health First was experiencing significant system-wide RN turnover. They initially conducted internal surveys to learn why RNs were leaving but were unable to obtain data that was helpful. They turned to People Element in to…. View Full Case Study

Data-Driven Decisions Reduce Turnover by 20% at Merrick & Company

The engineering firm Merrick & Company was experiencing high turnover and partnered with People Element to find out why. Using our employee engagement surveys, we captured data that led to decisions that helped reduce voluntary turnover from 30% to…. View Full Case Study

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