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People Management Hacks

Communication Tips for New Hire Surveys

Posted by: Kandy Focht

When your company commits to having a successful new hire onboarding survey project, you need to commit to having a strong internal communication plan around the ongoing survey. When running a new hire survey, you want to be able to hear as many voices as possible and communication is key to getting as many people…

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Communication is Key to Engagement Survey Success

Posted by: Kandy Focht

When it comes to having a successful engagement survey project, a strong internal communication plan is critical. For an engagement survey to be effective you need to have high participation so that you hear as many voices as possible, and communication is key to achieving this. We have seen organizations with participation rates over 90%…

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Improve Engagement with Effective Leadership Communication

Posted by: Quinton Barrett

Taking action to improve your organization can often require a significant investment of time and money. However, there are some opportunities that are relatively inexpensive to improve that will greatly benefit your organization. One such opportunity is leadership communication. Taking time to ensure leadership has an open line of communication with your employees can improve…

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Tips for Managing Compliance Issues

Posted by: Megan Younkin

Your organization may have defined processes and outlets for employees to share compliance issues with your HR team. If so, you’re already on the right track. Creating a safe outlet for employees to be able to report issues like harassment, threats of harm or violence, potential litigation, procedural violations, etc. is important. Following up on…

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The Power of Listening

Posted by: Alison Elsaesser

What if you could read people’s minds? Imagine the power you would have with that information. Better yet, what if you could easily access all that information in one place whenever you needed it? Imagine knowing what people think and feel about their work and being able to apply that knowledge to make a real…

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Using New Hire Check Ins to Improve Early Turnover

Posted by: Kristin DeSimone

First impressions are important since they are impossible to reverse and set the tone for everything that follows. The first few months on the job for a new employee are typically the most difficult. New hires are unfamiliar with their environment, hesitant to ask questions, and looking to make a good impression with both management…

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Communication Best Practices for Exit Interviews

Posted by: Casey Holcom

Imagine a supervisor is contacted by one of the best employees they’ve ever had who recently left the organization. The former employee informs them they were contacted by someone for an exit interview, and they want to verify the legitimacy of the survey before participating. The supervisor responds “I’ve never heard of them”, and as…

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Build Trust With Your Direct Reports

Posted by: Kim McGregor

The relationship between a supervisor and their direct report is one of the most important in your organization. How you manage (or mismanage) this relationship can have a profound impact on the organization as a whole. Time and time again, the data from the surveys we implement shows that one’s immediate supervisor is among the…

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Best Time To Reach Out To Exiting Employees

Posted by: Megan Wibben

Employee turnover. It’s one of those things nobody wants to talk about, but says so much about the overall health of your organization. Tracking how many employees leave and are replaced within a given period of time is important for a number of reasons. It’s true that not all turnover is bad, though it might…

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Developing Employees Along Their Growth Curve

Posted by: Alex Sward

As a manager, I’m in charge of a variety of departmental responsibilities. Given my role, these can include anything from financial oversight to compliance to human resources and more. The specifics vary from day to day, and while the scope of my work may not align perfectly with the issues you’re facing, one critical thing…

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