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Continuous Listening

Keep employees engaged by keeping in touch

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Employee feedback shouldn’t be limited to annual engagement surveys.

Understanding the entire employee lifecycle requires frequent touch points,

and positively impacting your employees’ experiences requires swift action.

Continuous listening enables you to keep your finger on the pulse of

your employees and react in real-time to their feedback.


Well-being Surveys

Productivity, absenteeism, turnover, engagement – each has a strong connection to the well-being of your employees. Well-being surveys give leaders feedback on how effective the company culture is at supporting employees when it comes to feelings of stress, anxiety, and safety.

People Element’s well-being surveys come pre-built with questions designed to be the most effective at measuring the critical areas of employee well-being. Managers and leaders receive results in real-time through our easy to use platform, allowing them to quickly understand the status of employee well-being at anytime and respond accordingly.

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Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

People Element’s diversity and inclusion tools make it easy for leaders to assess and understand the extent to which employees feel respected, accepted, and encouraged to fully participate in the organization, and foster a culture that supports individuality and fresh perspective. Inspire change, strengthen employee connection, and boost engagement.

Administer as a stand-alone pulse, or integrate into an existing survey. Easily measure employee perceptions across demographics, and identify groups who feel like outliers.

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Manager Effectiveness

People Element manager effectiveness surveys provide actionable feedback to individual managers to help them develop managerial skills and improve overall effectiveness. With recommendations for opportunity areas and manager benchmarks, you get the specific guidance you need to create development action plans and monitor progress.


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New Hire Check-Ins

First impressions are paramount. Onboarding new employees requires substantial time and money from the organization. Reduce costly early turnover and realize your investment faster with the versatility and expertise available from People Element.


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Exit Surveys

The most effective exit surveys are those which uncover the true reasons your talent is leaving. We built our platform with this in mind and include time-tested question items and built-in recommendations with automated action-planning, making it easier for you to retain top talent. Our system also includes streamlined invitations for exiting employees, yet another way we simplify the process of administering exit surveys.


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