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Boston Based Financial Institution Leverages Insight From Increased Exit Survey Participation To Drive Retention Efforts


Exit interviews are critical for organizations to understand why an individual is leaving and to glean insights that can have a dramatic impact on employee retention.  In the past, this 10,000+ employee financial institution had attempted to conduct exit surveys to gain a better understanding of employee attrition.  However, with their current approach, they were not successful in getting employees that were leaving the company to participate, often-times, only getting 30-35% participation rates.

The financial institution wanted to dramatically increase survey participation rates and make it easier for departing employees to provide feedback. This is where People Element provided their employee experience and engagement platform.


Utilizing People Element’s employee experience and engagement solution and the easy-to-use process and communication templates, this client was able to provide a frictionless way to collect vital data from their departing employees.   Participation for this client was driven through a three-pronged approach including email, SMS (text), and phone calls (supported by  the People Element call center). In addition, the HR team was able to track and monitor participation through People Element’s innovative reporting features integrated into the platform.  


This financial institution was able to increase their exit survey participation rate to over 70% within a 2-3 month period.  This is the highest participation rate they have ever seen on any of their surveys and helped them to gather valuable insights about their employee’s well being, level of engagement and reason for leaving the company.  From an HR team perspective, the process of administering exit surveys was streamlined and simplified and the robust reporting gave them the information they needed to better manage the exit survey process.  

About People Element

Understand, engage and retain your people like never before through insights into their experiences and wellbeing.  People Element’s employee experience and engagement solution delivers powerful intelligence, giving you the confidence to act

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