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Healthcare Workforce Intelligence That Matters

Say goodbye to high RN turnover and disengaged staff with the right insights

When you lose your star RN or have to say goodbye to a promising employee early in their career at your health care facility, it’s a tough blow to endure. The costs associated with high RN turnover are enough to make any organization cringe, not to mention the impact losing your best and brightest has on your team and your patients’ lives outside of the dollar amount.

People Element’s unique approach to providing workforce intelligence insights will help you lower turnover rates significantly while simultaneously identifying where employees are disengaged and where leadership may be unaware of certain challenges and obstacles the RNs and other employees are facing. People Element’s full suite of analytical tools will transform these insights for you into a tailored roadmap, allowing you to quickly achieve a more engaged workforce and a more engaging work environment, attracting top talent and keep them a happy part of your team for years to come.


We make it simple so you can focus on saving lives

Let’s be honest – you’ve got your hands full. You’re in the business of keeping people healthy and saving lives. Often, surveys and workforce intelligence insights are the last thing on your mind. It’s time-consuming, it’s a challenge getting high participation, and you don’t know what to do with the data you do receive – or even if it’s quality data in the first place.

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Quality Data Made Easy

We built our platform upon decades of working with clients and fine-tuning what works and what doesn’t. The result is a hassle-free interface that’s been optimized to deliver comprehensive surveys with impressively high participation rates. Our survey tools ensure that bias is kept out of the equation so the data and action plan recommendations you receive are focused, accurate, and keyed into the areas that will have a massive impact on your organization.

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Health First Cuts Turnover Costs by Over $1 Million with Exit Interviews

Find out what prompted Health First to change from conducting surveys internally to outsourcing them instead, and how this led them to save more than $1 million in turnover costs.

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