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Megan Younkin, Director of Consulting

Megan has over eleven years experience with People Element analyzing client-specific surveys, interpreting the results, and building action plans for clients in several industries. Megan has a Bachelor’s degree in education and graduate studies in Industrial & Organizational Psychology. Her clients range in size from small, single-location organizations to Fortune 100 national systems with locations across the country.

Megan has been asked to speak at conferences and conventions across the country on topics such as employee retention and effectively using employee satisfaction and engagement data to create positive change. She is also a regular blog author and contributor and has been quoted in industry publications multiple times. With her clients, she implements various People Element surveys and assessments, analyzes the results to find data trends, makes recommendations for improvement, and provide tools and strategies to help to reduce employee turnover and improve engagement.

Human Capital Management Consultants 2016 dream big award winner
Human Capital Management Consultants RMPEx award winner