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Mike Monahan, Consultant

Mike earned his Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Colorado, and his Masters in Educational Administration from Roosevelt University, Chicago – both “With Honors.” Mike is licensed as an RN in Colorado.

He is a founding partner and serves as Chief Methodology Officer for CRS. His career in healthcare began as a Nurse Corps Officer in the U.S. Navy. His corporate experience has included organizational work from frontline patient care through C- level leadership. In 20 years of healthcare performance consulting, Mike has helped teams and individuals measurably improve performance, focused on workplace relationships, employee engagement, and retention. Mike has published numerous articles in professional journals, and is co-author of Where There’s Change There’s Opportunity; Irresistible Leadership; Thriving on Change; and Insight from the Experts, a 6-volume series of management development books. He frequently speaks at national conferences, and has worked with over 300 hospitals, healthcare associations, and healthcare professional service firms.

Human Capital Management Consultants 2016 dream big award winner
Human Capital Management Consultants RMPEx award winner