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New employee onboarding best practices for meaningful change

Setting new hires up for success while simultaneously reducing early turnover has never been easier. Our platform is optimized for fast and effective New Hire Surveys so you don’t have to waste time guessing what new hires are thinking – you’ll actually know. When you incorporate strategically timed check-ins with the most cost-effective data collection methods including phone, email, or text, you can gain those crucial insights, even for hard to reach employees, and get them into the hands of managers quickly.

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Engage Employees from the Beginning

Easily assess gaps between expectations and realities of the job to ensure your onboarding process is optimal and engaging. Identify turnover intention with early intervention alerts so you can act and respond before it’s too late. With access to a library of onboarding best practices, maximize the impact of your efforts.

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People Element Platform

  • Integration with any HRIS
  • Immediate results
  • Accurate insights
  • Automated cascading and action planning

You invest significant time and money into bringing new hires onboard – by conducting new hire check-ins and onboarding surveys, you can feel confident that investment will pay off.

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“This program has improved our communication and training procedures with our new drivers, and helped us achieve some of the lowest turnover numbers we have seen in years.”

– Glen McCravy, EVP of Risk Management and Human Resources, TMC Transportation

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