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People Element Sponsors “All About HR” podcast

Posted by: People Element

People Element is excited to sponsor the podcast series All About HR, in which industry insider Tom Horne dives into a wide range of HR topics to learn, share, and grow his knowledge of the HR field. To learn more about the series, check out the Q&A we had with him below:

PE: What inspired you to start “All About HR”?
TH: I’ve always worked in leadership or people management roles and have even led HR Functions in the absence of an official HR Team. Over the past 18 months, I’ve really dedicated myself fully to the HR space, and through connecting with so many HR Leaders, Recruiters, Consultants & Analysts, I realized that there is a huge opportunity to learn so much more. Why not document these conversations for others on the same journey?

PE: Tell us what the podcast is about?
TH: The podcast is me documenting the types of questions and conversations I’m already curating for myself as I learn all about HR. So many of the awesome podcasts in the space that I listen to are hosted by thought leaders connecting with other thought leaders. I thought that having the host be someone who is organically learning rather than already the expert might be an interesting twist.

PE: What do you hope people get out of listening to “All About HR”?
TH: I want people to learn something and enjoy a small slice of their day that covers some important topics without being too heavy. In the end, podcasts should be entertainment, and nobody ever said that entertainment can’t be productive. Hopefully listeners will hear some familiar voices in the space, and I also want to highlight guests that are front line contributing employees, not managers, and bring new people into the #HRCommunity (follow that hashtag on twitter & LinkedIn!) that are experts in their fields but maybe not as recognizable from the other podcasts.

PE: What makes this podcast worth a listen?
TH: First and foremost the goal is for it to be entertaining, we’re not curing cancer, doing a product demo or some 30 minute commercial. I want listeners to be able to listen and enjoy the podcast without it feeling like it’s an extension of work. We’re going to keep it light, my favorite part of the podcast is asking the weekly “HR Hot Sauce” rapid fire questions that allow the guests to answer some more fun questions outside of the main topic of the show.

PE: Any quick hitting insights you’ve gotten that you can share?
TH: Absolutely! I think the biggest take away is just how nuanced everything we do is. Topics I’m already well versed in still lead to learning new things. Honestly, no part about what anyone is doing in the HR space right now is easy, but its’ often the nuances of each topic that can bear the most fruit. Our hope is that even if you are a 20 year recruiter, for example, that you can listen to the show and still gain a new insight right along with the host.

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