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Prosci Change Management Methodology

Posted by: Megan Younkin

The Importance of Prosci Change Management

It seems like change is the norm these days. Whether you’re rolling out a new compensation plan, adopting a new software platform, or creating or updating a policy, there are three crucial elements of change that must be considered if you want to ensure successful adoption. You must have strong leadership/sponsorship (Is someone communicating the change and gathering buy-in and support?), strong project management (Are you effectively managing timelines, budget, project scope?), and strong change management (Are your people on board with the change?). The people side of change is often neglected or at least undervalued. Prosci’s change management methodology helps support those who are responsible for managing change by providing a 3-phase approach to change with several tools and assessments included in each phase.

Using Prosci change management, you will successfully:

About Prosci Change Management

The proven 3-phase approach this methodology uses is broken down as follows:

Phase 1: Preparing for Change

Phase 2: Managing Change

Phase 3: Reinforce Change

Organizational change cannot come without change occurring at the individual level, and Prosci has you covered there, too, with the ADKAR model. This individual change model can help managers and supervisors effectively get employees on board with the meaningful change you’re working to implement. ADAKR presents five stages that individuals go through during change:

Awareness of the need for change
Desire to participate and support the change
Knowledge about how to change
Ability to implement new skills and behaviors
Reinforcement to keep the change in place

Prosci change management methodology and the ADKAR model are outlined simply, but the complexity behind each phase and stage is significant. It is the complexity behind the phases that makes it so effective and so deeply integrated throughout every facet of your organization. Prosci arms its certified practitioners with a library of worksheets, assessments, case studies, and presentations in order to ensure that change management is executed properly. People Element has Prosci certified change management practitioners on staff who have a passion for helping you achieve successful change. If your organization is facing a change, big or small, we would love to help.

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