2023 Employee Engagement Trends Report

Employee Engagement Trends

2023 Employee Engagement Trends Report

Economic Pressures, Talent Shortages, & Flexible Work

Our long-time work in employee feedback surveys has allowed us to benchmark years of engagement trends and share best practices for a successful workforce. We have collected insights and statistics from our engagement research database to take a deep dive into the state of engagement in 2023. Below is a short summary of our findings and the topics covered in depth within this report.

  • Economic Pressures, Talent Shortages, & Flexible Work

When CEOs were asked about “the biggest challenge they faced throughout 2022”, they
overwhelmingly referenced one thing—talent. Looking ahead to 2023, CEOs reported they are most worried about economic uncertainty, inflation, and labor shortages affecting their workforce. 


Impact of (Dis)Engagement

Research shows that high employee engagement correlates strongly with positive performance outcomes such as profitability, productivity, well-being and retention. Unfortunately, many employees aren’t engaged at work or are even actively disengaged. Disengagement not only impacts business outcomes but can also be very costly. Working to increase employee engagement can be highly beneficial for the whole organization.

State of Engagement

By In 2020, our data showed the highest levels of employee engagement we’d seen in over 30 years analyzing employee feedback, with 61% of employees reporting high engagement. Data revealed employees felt more connected to their organizations and coworkers as they came together to overcome business challenges at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the next two years, we saw engagement rise and fall and ultimately land at an average of 58% in 2022. 

Trends Impacting the Workplace

This report explores the changing trends that are impacting the current workforce. Some key trends include:

  • the increasing preference for flexible work styles 
  • shifting expectations and desire for a sense of purpose at work
  • the productivity gap
  • the impact stress & burnout
  • effects of economic uncertainty
Drivers of Employee Engagement

Across our research since the beginning of the pandemic, it’s clear that certain employee experiences are trending downward, and new items have emerged as the strongest drivers of employee engagement.

We uncovered the five leading drivers of employee (dis)engagement in 2022 that we cover extensively in the full report.

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