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Meaningful organizational change simplified

Our innovative platform makes it easy for you to achieve and exceed your business goals and increase employee engagement, retention and satisfaction. With People Element, you get a survey solution that works for the full employee lifecycle – from new hires to exits, and everywhere in between, leading to better insights and proven outcomes. You can:

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People Element: Your Employee Experience Partner


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Focused on the full employee lifecycle

Understanding what’s really going on among your employees is impossible to do when you’re not looking at the big picture. What motivates people to go is without a doubt an important piece of the puzzle, but without the context of what inspired them to come and what encouraged them to stay, it’s just a data point with very little actionable insight. We believe there’s power in the whole picture, and focusing on the full lifecycle allows us to extrapolate data that matters and help you identify what it truly means for your organization.

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Selecting and onboarding the right candidates can mean all the difference in reducing early turnover. With PDP personality assessments and new hire check-ins, you can optimize your hiring and onboarding process setup your new hires for success.

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Do you know how engaged your employees are? Having an engaged workforce leads to greater productivity, lower turnover, and happier customers. It all starts with developing and acting upon an engagement and retention strategy built from employee feedback.

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You’re losing employees and you don’t know why. Get the answers you need to solve your turnover mysteries with a comprehensive retention strategy that shows you the real reasons people are leaving and which actions will make the biggest impact.

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What good is data without it turning into actionable insights?  Our intuitive platform simplifies the process of taking your workforce data into action. Received tailored recommendations to help you take targeted action in the areas that will have the greatest impact on your business.

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We help you find the answers


Advanced Analytics Meets Feature-Rich Reporting

The People Element platform allows you to quickly and easily understand and act on employee experience data:

  • Real-time survey results
  • Drill down analytics
  • Benchmarks comparisons
  • Text analytics
  • Built-in recommendations
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