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Keying into the insight from employees you lose

Every organization deals with turnover, but most miss the mark when it comes to understanding the real reasons behind why those people left and connecting those reasons to the impact on the business. With exit interviews, you get to understand not only why people are leaving, but what could have been done to keep them, allowing you to identify massive areas of opportunity in the future. When you want to get to the bottom of what’s causing turnover, you need to ask the right questions of the people walking away.

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The power of a well-executed exit interview

When you do exit interviews the right way, you can:

  • Cut turnover costs
  • Retain top talent
  • Reduce hiring and recruiting costs
  • Identify boomerang employees
  • Prevent EEOC complaints and lawsuits
  • And more


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We Are The Exit Interviews Experts

Conducting exit interviews regularly allows you to identify trends and track progress on retention initiatives as well as direct meaningful positive change for an overall better employee experience. We pride ourselves in the expertise we’ve developed when it comes to exit interviews. Our time-tested approach and variety of data collection methods including phone, email, and text options ensure that you get industry-leading participation that is the most cost-effective for your needs, and as an objective eye with decades of survey design experience, you can count on the highest quality data.

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The People Element Platform

We know that the real value of the data points is realized once the insights are gleaned from it, so we’ve created a simple process that quickly gets the right data into the hands of the right people so immediate action, and subsequently change, can happen. Our People Element platform provides in-depth dashboard reporting with automated cascading and action planning capabilities. Add in our compliance and integrity alerts, rehire potential alerts, and executive team consulting and you have one of the most comprehensive, insightful retention solutions available.

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“The exit interview program provides a true ROI, helping us ensure we have mechanisms in place to prevent negative outcomes.”

– Director of Employee Relations, Health First

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