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Unpacking the
Elements of Engagement

Interested in learning more about the top drivers of engagement in 2022?

This webinar dives deep into employee engagement, exploring key drivers, levels of engagement, and top trends for 2023. Out People Experience Analyst, Quinton Barrett, takes us through key findings and data from our 2023 Engagement Trends Report and shares his expertise around how you can impact and improve engagement in your organization.

Client Spotlight with
Prosser Memorial Health

Curious how other HR leaders are using employee feedback to boost engagement and exceed their HR goals?

Hear from Bryon Dirkes, Chief HR Officer at Prosser Memorial Health, on how his team has been able to increase employee engagement levels with a strong employee listening strategy. We will explore what tactics they are using to achieve success and foster a strong culture despite facing industry obstacles such as the pandemic, nursing shortage, burnout, and the ‘Great Resignation’.

Client Spotlight with
Grand Island Express

How are HR leaders using people management solutions to understand their employee experience and inform HR decisions?

In this webinar, Deen Albert, Director of Operations at Grand Island Express, joins Tom Horne to discuss how enhancing communication channels with his team has boosted engagement and transformed his workforce for the better. Grand Island Express has made TCA’s ‘Best Fleets to Drive For’ top 20 list for ten consecutive years, and in 2022 has entered the ‘Best Fleets to Drive For’ Hall of Fame.

Leveraging Manager
360 Feedback

Manager 360 Feedback: The Missing Link to Improving Manager Performance.

Having the opportunity receive feedback from key stakeholders is critical for professional development. In this webinar you will learn the purpose of a Manager 360, as well as how you can use it for continuous growth and open communication in your organization.

Diversity & Inclusion

How are you approaching managing diversity and inclusion in your organization?

In this workshop, Quinton Barrett, People Experience Analyst at People Element, takes us through how employee survey feedback and the data analysis tools in the People Element platform can be used to effectively manage your diversity and inclusion efforts.

Client Spotlight with
Octane & Forward Air

How are HR leaders using people management solutions to understand their employee experience and inform HR decisions?

In this webinar, Matt Gentry, Director of People Management at Forward Air, and Carole White, Vice President of People at Octane, join our own Tom Horne, host of the “All About HR” podcast, to discuss how they tapped into their people pulse to improve their employee engagement and retention—and how you can too.

Know Before They Go

Whether you’re already feeling the impact of the Great Resignation, or looking to take proactive steps before it’s too late, you won’t want to miss this webinar on employee retention.

Join us as Megan Younkin, Senior Experience Manager and Thought Leader at People Element, shares tools and tips for keeping the best from going out the door. Megan will share how retention is trending, how to maximize the benefit of exit interviews, and insights from People Element’s survey research to help inform on top reasons people are leaving.

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