Employee Well-Being and Mental Health Driving Down Employee Productivity and Engagement

As we approach almost a year since the start of the pandemic, a lot of things have happened to help address its impact at work. However, it appears that employee well-being and mental health are still contributing towards low levels of productivity and engagement.

Mental Health Index: U.S. Worker Edition recently pointed out a 48% increase in risk of depression just before the end of 2020, and a 62% drop in employee focus, both hitting record levels since the start of the pandemic.

People Element has seen similar feedback across industries, with 42% reporting “being without the resources and support to manage their stress”, and 32% claiming to “not have someone to reach out to for help with mental or physical concerns”.

By continuing to check-in with employees either one-on-one or through a more formalized continuously listening and response strategy, managers can stay informed on how employee well-being is trending, and know whether or not the processes in place are helping make an improvement.

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