More Than An Employee Feedback Platform

Today’s employees want to be heard and have their feedback turn into meaningful change by their company leaders. For employers to get to the heart of what their employees are thinking and feeling, they need to leverage technology that allows them to distribute, collect, analyze, and turn that data into insights. There are several employee feedback platforms on the market today. However, at People Element, we believe it takes more than a great technology platform to truly understand your employees. 

More Than Technology 

On the surface, it may seem that People Element is just another technology company with a platform that enables you to send out surveys, collect data, and act on the feedback collected.    

This is true, we are a technology company with a great employee feedback platform. However, at our core, and what drives success for our clients, is our team of people experts who care deeply about creating great workplaces. We partner, collaborate and support our clients through every step of their journey to better understand their employees and help make positive changes in their organization. 

We are able to give this support through our Client Success & Experience Team which does exactly as its name suggests. They’re a team dedicated to enhancing the experience and success of our clients and their workforce. They collectively have over 50 years of expertise in amplifying employee voices, HR best practices, and leveraging technology to drive better results. While we might be a little biased, we believe our team is an exceptional group of individuals and are a key piece of what sets People Element apart from other survey platform companies.

Let me share a few ways we can make a difference for your organization by leveraging our state-of-the-art platform and team of people experts.   

Start With the Right Questions 

Creating positive change in your organization begins with collecting insightful and actionable feedback from your employees. Developing a well-thought-out survey is the first step in the right direction and that is why from day one, our Client Success & Experience (CSE) team keeps your success at the forefront of everything they do.  

Enabling You to Do More 

Each collaboration starts with interactive training, teaching you how to leverage our platform and showing you tips and tricks that will enable you to create engaging surveys. In these sessions, you can ask them questions and get familiar with all the platform features you may use or want to know more about. Our team wants to make sure you have everything you need to hit the ground running toward creating a successful survey.   

Live Chats Are More Personal 

Chances are you may have questions that come up once you start using the platform. In addition to our interactive training, we offer a live chat support feature in the platform where you can get quick responses from a real person on our team. We encourage you to take advantage of this resource whenever you need that assistance.   

If you want to dig a little deeper into a topic or a feature of our platform, our team can help you access the resources in our content library, including FAQs, how-to-guides, best practices, and live and pre-recorded group training and thought leadership webinars. 

Challenging The Status Quo 

Oftentimes great results come from collaboration and having someone challenge you to think about things from a new perspective. That’s why we assign you a Client Success Manager who will be your point-person for all your people strategy needs. They can play the role of a coach, data consultant, and be a thought partner. Their goal is to help you develop a people listening strategy that streamlines the process, gets better employee participation, and delivers better results.  

Transforming Data into Insights  

In addition to collaborating and challenging you to think differently, your Client Success Manager will also be your data consultant. We know you are in the people business, not the numbers business. So, when the data from the survey responses start to come in, your Client Success Manager will be right there with you to help sort the data and guide you toward identifying key opportunities for improvement. Once you both feel that the data is ready, they’ll help you package it and present it to key stakeholders in the form of an Executive Presentation. In these presentations, you can take time to ask questions and start to plan the next steps toward taking action. We aim to give you enough information so that you can connect the dots, rather than having to crunch the numbers.  

Insights into Action 

Turning your insights into action is the most important part of the process and should be approached thoughtfully. This is where you will have the ability to implement new ideas and initiatives in your workplace to make your employees feel heard. Lean on your Client Success Manager during this stage. They have specialized knowledge from years of helping organizations transform their workforces and have seen what works well. When you take action, you’ll be amazed at how thankful your people are that you have heard them and are implementing meaningful organization change.  

What A Client Has to Say 

Don’t take our word for it, Matt Gentry from Forward Air recently had this to say about the interaction he had with his Client Success Manager.  

“When I think about our Client Success Manager, she did a fantastic job of being able to put together recommendations that she then shared with our executive leadership team. What I really valued is how she became a thought partner for me. I would say, “Here’s what I’m thinking about doing with the data. Here’s how I’m thinking about slicing it or looking at it differently”. There were several times where I felt like she challenged me, helped me to think about things differently, and helped to find data and explore it in another way.”  

Our best advice is to leverage your Client Success Manager as a partner and resource as much as possible throughout the process. They have years of experience in the people business, so bounce ideas off them, ask them questions, or pick their brains. They are there to help.   

People Element is more than an employee feedback platform. We are a dedicated team of people experts who are passionate about amplifying employee voices and transforming work environments. Find the missing piece to your people strategy with People Element.   

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