People Element Announces New API

As the leader in employee listening, People Element empowers companies to engage and retain employees like never before. To make the most of your employee listening strategy, it’s critical to have accurate, up-to-date information at all times throughout the employee journey. People Element is pleased to announce the launch of our new API. The API provides a secure and flexible way to transfer data between your system and the People Element platform, making the process of continuous listening and managing employee feedback even easier!

With API integration, you can easily and automatically transfer your employee data to the People Element system from your HRIS. This ensures all employee information is up to date and accurate, eliminating the need for manual data entry. The API also provides the capability to share your employee experience (or voice of employee) data with other internal systems you use for people analytics. This ensures your organization has access to all employee experience data needed to make informed decisions. With the ability to seamlessly integrate data between the People Element platform and your systems, you get trusted data that delivers a data-rich impact to drive business success.

People Element helps you understand, engage, inspire, and retain your employees like never before. We give you the ease, speed, and confidence to act on the things that matter most to the success of your business. With better insights and proven outcomes, we help drive meaningful positive change within organizations.

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