Perceptions of Healthcare Leadership

What are exiting healthcare professionals saying about their former employers? At People Element, we investigate this by looking at how exiting employees rated leadership in their organization. Because leadership can be defined in many different ways, we separate the findings into three buckets: Immediate supervisor/manager, directors/mid-management, and senior leadership.

People Element conducts exit surveys that ask former employees to rate the leadership in their former organization on a number of areas by rating statements using an agreement scale. Responses range from strongly disagree up to strongly agree, and cover things like support for professional development, communication of company direction, willingness to be heard by your supervisor, and many more. People Element studied its extensive database of healthcare exit survey data, and found the following items to be rated the highest and lowest for when it comes to leadership:

Immediate Supervisors/Managers
This group was rated the highest when it came to employees feeling like they were treated with respect, and having performance expectations communicated clearly. The lowest ratings of this group had to do with it being ineffective at handling employee concerns, and in not providing enough recognition and appreciation of its employees.

Directors and mid-level management received high marks for how well they led by example and kept employees informed. They received low ratings for not understanding and solving key organizational problems, and for its inability to respond to employee concerns.

Senior Leadership
Sitting at the very top of the hierarchy, senior leadership received the most praise for how well it demonstrated company values in its actions. Its low ratings had to do with how it wasn’t following up very well on commitments, and in the degree of trust employees had with senior leadership.

Another category of questions we have on our exit survey is the rehire potential section. In this section, two items asked are how likely the exited employee would be to return to the organization and how likely they would be to return to their previous supervisor. We have found that on average for our healthcare organizations, 48% of exiting employees would be willing to return to their previous supervisor, but more interestingly, 57% of exiting employees would be willing to return to the organization. In fact, 26% of former employees who indicated they would not return to their previous supervisor indicated that they would still be interested in returning to the organization.

So, what do exiting employees think of the leadership in your organization? Not sure? People Element can help! We will administer confidential surveys to your exiting employees. You then get access to People Element Platform – our real-time reporting platform where you can view your organization’s results to leadership questions like above and much more! You will also be given a dedicated Client Success Manager. This manager will help you devise a plan based on your results for tackling leadership perceptions in your organization.

If you’re ready to take the next step, schedule a short discovery call with one of our people experts, here.

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