People Element CEO on ProjectHR Podcast

Chris Coberly, People Element CEO, talks Exit & Stay Interview strategy and the importance of employee listening on the ProjectHR Podcast

Episode 3.25: On this episode of ProjectHR, after devoting a fair amount of time to discussing The Great Resignation, today, we focus on retention, on how to keep the employees you already have, simply by listening to your people – the ones who are leaving, as well as the ones who remain. Today’s guest is Chris Coberly, CEO of People Element, the industry leader in third-party exit interviews and an employee experience partner for companies looking to increase engagement, reduce turnover and enhance culture while driving business results. Here, he explains:

  • “Exit” interview strategy;
  • The goal of “stay” interviews;
  • The value of developing efficient employee listening processes; and
  • Why acting on the data you collect is critical to retaining your workforce!

For a transcript of this podcast and show notes, click here.

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