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NEW! Episode #19:

Guest: Dr. Brooks Mitchell

Topic: Interviewing, Retention, and Intermittent Reinforcement

Episode #18:

Guest: Tracie Sponenberg

Topic: Upskilling HR, Supporting a Deskless Workforce, & Building a Vendor/Partner Relationship

Episode #17:

Guest: Jay Polaki

Topic: Streamlining Tools for HR, & Improving HR Trade Shows

Episode #16:

Guest: Ben Brooks

Topic: Buying, Implementing, & Adopting HRTech

Episode #15:

Guest: Laura Hundley

Topic: Onboarding Engagement, and Data Collection Best Practices

Episode #14:

Guest: Christopher Lee

Topic: Performance Management

Episode #13:

Guest: Mark Mitford

Topic: Change Management

Episode #12:

Guest: Mike Sipple Jr.

Topic: Leadership Development

Episode #11:

Guest: Adam Zuckerman

Topic: Evolution of Employee Engagement

Episode #10:

Guest: April Bell

Topic: Reframing Empathy

Episode #9:

Guest: Nicky Hoyland

Topic: Enhancing Wellbeing

Episode #8:

Guest: Kevin Jonell

Topic: Retention & Leadership

Episode #7:

Guest: Jeffrey Shapiro

Topic: Talent Acquisition

Episode #6:

Guest: Jason Averbook, HR Tech keynote speaker

Topic: The “Now of Work”

Episode #5:

Guest: Jessica Miller-Merrill

Topic: HR Technology Conference

Episode #4:

Guest: Luetrell Toler

Topic: True Talk Advisors

Episode #3:

Guest: Alie Elsaesser

Topic: Talks I/O Psychology & Not Returning To Normal

Episode #2:

Guest: Megan Younkin

Topic: Building An Intentional Strategy for Employee Feedback

Episode #1:

Guest: Chris Coberly

Topic: Making Right Decisions

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