Level Up your Listening: Why Dedicated Employee Surveys Rule

HR professionals across all sectors are learning to leverage the power behind an employee survey. That’s because they can reveal engagement levels, pinpoint satisfaction issues, and uncover hidden opportunities, all of which support a positive and productive workplace. When it comes to choosing the right tool to gather this feedback, familiar options like Google Forms or multipurpose platforms used for patient surveying might be convenient. However, using a dedicated employee survey tool offers distinct advantages not found elsewhere, including pinpointing the KPIs that matter.

Employee Survey Tools: Beyond the Checkbox

While general survey tools offer basic functionality, they lack the features specifically designed to maximize employee feedback and engagement. Consider this checklist when evaluating your digital survey software options:

  • Employee-centric design: Look for intuitive interfaces optimized for mobile devices, which foster higher participation rates.
  • Question library: Access to pre-built, validated questions on engagement, culture, and specific HR topics saves time and ensures data consistency.
  • Anonymity & Security: Robust security features and guaranteed anonymity are crucial to build trust and encourage honest feedback.
  • Advanced Analytics: For maximum results, go beyond basic data tables. Look for tools that provide in-depth segmentation, trend analysis, and actionable insights.
  • Action Planning & Tracking: Bridge the gap between feedback and action. Choose a tool with features to track progress on improvement initiatives.
  • Benchmarking: Compare your data against industry standards to identify areas for improvement, track progress over time and see how you stack up to your competitors.

Dedicated employee survey tools excel in these areas, empowering HR teams to gather rich data, gain a deeper understanding of their workforce, and drive meaningful change.

Employee Survey Software: Tailored for HR Needs

Yes, collecting data is important, but dedicated employee survey software far exceeds this. It equips HR with the resources to create a strategic listening program that maximizes ROI. To start, its customizable design can be easily tailored to specific initiatives, departments, or employee demographics. Then, open-ended questions uncover deeper insights alongside quantitative responses and a 360-degree feedback features facilitate comprehensive performance reviews, capturing reactions from self-assessments as well as those of peers and managers.

Employee survey software also offers a range of approaches to match the employee lifecycle. For instance, pulse surveys monitor sentiment in real time with short, frequent surveys to address emerging issues quickly. Others measure engagement at key points in the employee journey, from onboarding to exit interviews. Used together, these specialized features enable HR to create a comprehensive feedback loop, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and employee development.

Employee Survey Companies: Dedicated to People

Administering, processing, and following up on employee surveys can be overwhelming, but partnering with a dedicated employee survey company brings a wealth of experience, insight and expertise to the process. They understand the intricacies of modern employee listening, ensuring you both ask the right questions and interpret the answers effectively. Plus, you’ll gain ongoing support to maximize the platform’s potential, and dedicated providers prioritize data security, keeping your employee information safe and ensuring compliance with regulations. 

Most importantly, partnering with an employee survey company allows you to harness strategic guidance for a customized listening strategy that aligns perfectly with your organization’s goals. This empowers HR to become a true strategic partner, leveraging employee feedback to foster engagement, improve retention, and make informed talent decisions. Remember, effective employee listening is an ongoing conversation, not a one-time survey. By creating a culture of open communication, acting on feedback, and demonstrating your commitment to your workforce, you can unlock the true power of employee surveys and build a people-centric workplace of choice.

Unlock the Employee Survey Potential

Employee listening’s potential is too powerful to settle for generic solutions. People Element offers a modern employee engagement platform built to put people first. Download our free guide, “The Buyer’s Guide to Employee Listening,” and learn how to choose the right tool for your HR needs. With a strategic platform in place, you can quickly and efficiently transform employee feedback into a distinct advantage. Request your free demo today!

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