Six Steps to Meaningful Change

Data is pretty easy to come by these days. When it comes to employee feedback, it seems like the challenge has shifted from “How do I collect employee perception data?” to “What am I supposed to do with all this DATA?!” People Element can help with our simplified process for achieving meaningful change. Whether your goal is reducing turnover, improving first-year retention, or increasing employee engagement, a solid set of employee feedback data and a clear process will help you get there.

People Element’s process for achieving meaningful change includes 6 steps that your client success team will guide you through. Six steps may seem like a lot, but we will do a lot of the heavy lifting and you’ll have support all along the way. People Element’s six step process is outlined below:

Step 1: Identify

Identify needs, roles and a process essential for a productive partnership

In this first step, People Element gathers organizational data to understand the current state and become familiar with your goals and readiness for change. If we’re going to help you move the needle, we need to understand which needle, and in what direction. We will also help set up the proper roles on your side and ours to help make the process run smoothly.

Step 2: Prepare

Make necessary preparations for meaningful change to occur

Some of the preparations needed for meaningful change to occur include a solid survey model for collecting employee feedback and the construction of an internal communication plan. These are some of the things People Element will create to help support your efforts. We have a client success team with decades of experience and I/O Psychology backgrounds to provide best practices and recommendations.

Step 3: Assess

Assess organizational strengths and areas of opportunity through survey-based data collection

Collecting employee feedback data has been our bread and butter since 1988. We know the right ways to get you strong, actionable data with which you can make decisions and create change. During this step, you will be provided with regular updates so you will always have your finger on the pulse of the project. If this is your first engagement with People Element, the Project Success Summit will also occur during the Assess phase. This summit is typically done on-site with you and has proven to be extremely beneficial for building relationships, sharing initial data points, creating some quick-win processes, and generating buy-in and excitement for the process.

Step 4: Share

Determine organizational direction by cascading survey results and making the current state of the organization clear to all

During this step, we will provide you with tools, templates, and best practices for sharing your employee feedback data with the right people who can affect change. Your OD Business Partner will meet with you to make sure the message is clear and the focus is right for your business. We will typically meet with your leadership team, HR team, directors and managers to present a clear and compelling story, including recommended action steps and facilitated action planning sessions.

Step 5: Act

Take action based on survey data to move the organization toward meaningful change

In the Act step, People Element takes on more of a support role as you begin to execute on your action plans. Our easy to use reporting platform includes an action planning tool for easy input and review of plans at all levels of your organization. We have trained coaches available if someone gets stuck and cannot take action, as well as online resources to help you along the way. We want you to own your own change, and we want to help.

Step 6: Support

Support initiatives to build on and sustain meaningful change

While we have been supporting you all along the way, this Support step is in place to make sure we’re covering you as you begin to take steps toward change. We will help you identify early wins to celebrate, make any course-corrections to the process as needed, and help hold you and your teams accountable for taking action and moving the needle. (Remember the needle we identified back in step 1?)

If you’re interested in learning more about how People Element’s 6-step process can work for you and help you achieve the change your organization needs, we are happy to talk with you.

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