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Employee Engagement Surveys

Change the way you view employee engagement

Employee engagement is everything. Improving and maintaining an engaged workforce rewards organizations with happier and more productive employees, better morale, lower turnover, more satisfied customers, and a better bottom line. But it’s not enough to simply say employee engagement is important to your organization. To truly reap the benefits of what a fully-engaged workforce can do, you have to be able to identify engagement and disengagement triggers and then take action on them. That’s where we come in.

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True workforce optimization

People Element’s engagement solutions leverage a proven survey process backed by a powerful yet easy to use reporting and analytics platform. Our innovative approach is specifically designed to remove common engagement survey fail points by making it effortless to cascade reports, take action, and track results. With data collection methods that can include phone, email, text, and kiosk, you get the most complete data, even from your hard to reach populations.


We partner with you to build an affordable solution

  • Roll-out and communication plan
  • Customized survey
  • Executive review and action planning
  • People Element Engagement Index
  • Best practice library
  • Automated action planning
  • Department specific recommendations
  • Manager coaching
  • Follow-up Pulse surveys
  • Various languages
  • Benchmarks
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“If I had to pick only one survey to ask our employees to do, it’s this one. We have pursued and been awarded respectable rankings in ‘Best Places to Work’ evaluations, but on the whole, I feel our employees are far more forthcoming with their feedback through the (People Element) Employee Engagement Surveys. And, we end up with lots of data we can act on.”

-Debbie Norris, VP Human Resources, Merrick & Company

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