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Employee Engagement

Create a culture where people thrive

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Act with confidence to improve the work experience for your employees and

increase productivity, retention, and engagement. Our flexible, all-in-one

employee experience and engagement measurement solution gives you

an enduring capability to understand your people and take the right actions

to continuously improve the things that matter most to the success of your business.


Built For Your Success

You receive a flexible customized solution that brings together employee surveys, expert support, and automated action-planning in a way that is easy to use for anyone, from managers to senior leaders.


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Keep Your Finger On The Pulse

  • Understand how employee perceptions trend over time so you can monitor engagement levels at anytime and respond quickly before it’s too late.
  • Included pulse capabilities enhance your ability to learn, plan, and executive in real-time.


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“If I had to pick only one survey to ask our employees to do, it’s this one. We have pursued and been awarded respectable rankings in ‘Best Places to Work’ evaluations, but on the whole, I feel our employees are far more forthcoming with their feedback through the (People Element) Employee Engagement Surveys. And, we end up with lots of data we can act on.”

-Debbie Norris, VP Human Resources, Merrick & Company

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