Using New Hire Check-Ins to Improve Early Turnover

First impressions are important since they are impossible to reverse and set the tone for everything that follows. The first few months on the job for a new employee are typically the most difficult. New hires are unfamiliar with their environment, hesitant to ask questions, and looking to make a good impression with both management and coworkers. It’s no wonder that turnover of employees in their first year is often twice that of a company’s overall turnover. For these reasons, having an effective onboarding process is critical to improve employee retention.

Why is it important to check in with my new hires?

New hire check-ins help to ensure the success of your new hire by providing an opportunity for them to discuss expectations with their supervisor, which helps to build trust and creates a sense of loyalty and belonging. When you help new hires succeed, you also help keep early turnover at bay. We have found that organizations that conduct these check-ins at regular intervals can greatly impact new hire retention. A study of some of our largest clients revealed that employees who did not have a 90-day check-in were 1.37 times more likely to quit than those that did have it.

When should I check in with my new hires?

Timing is everything. To pinpoint the right timing of your new hire check-ins, you must first know precisely how long a new hire typically stays with you before deciding to leave. After analyzing your first-year turnover by day, take note of where the early turnover is spiking, and then make sure you conduct your check-ins before when those spikes occur. One client of People Element had partnered with us to conduct a 90-day new hire check-in. We analyzed their first-year turnover data and determined that their turnover was spiking at 60 days of tenure. The timing of this check-in was off and new hires were already leaving the organization before we could get gather their feedback. As a result, we adjusted their new hire check-in to be conducted at 45 days of tenure as a proactive approach to their retention efforts.

People Element New Hire Check Ins

Many of our clients use our new hire check-in program to compliment their existing onboarding process. They find that partnering with us gives their employees an opportunity to candidly and confidentially provide their feedback while also providing the organization a measurement of how their supervisor check-ins are going. We help our clients improve their onboarding process by identifying early disengagement triggers and obstacles inhibiting a new hire’s success.

Contact us to learn how our new hire check-ins will help you to assess the differences in expectations of employees versus the realities of their job experience.

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