Building Employee Engagement With a Watercooler Chat Space


In today’s dynamic work environment, building and maintaining employee engagement is more critical than ever — especially in remote or hybrid work environments. 

HR organizations are leaning on creative virtual team building activities to help boost employee engagement, from fun onboarding activities to online team bonding events. And while there are plenty of great ideas out there, there’s one method that’s tried and true: watercooler spaces. 

Drawing inspiration from traditional office water coolers, these online spaces offer employees a platform for casual conversations, allowing them to more easily foster a sense of community and connection.

Why do watercooler conversations matter?

Watercooler chats or virtual team activities can serve as a catalyst for building a positive workplace culture. These informal interactions provide employees with an opportunity to connect on a personal level, share experiences, and form relationships beyond their formal work roles.

In remote or hybrid work environments, where face-to-face interactions are limited, the watercooler chat space becomes a virtual hub for cultivating camaraderie. It’s a place where team members can discuss non-work-related topics, share anecdotes, and establish a more profound sense of connection.

Encouraging these informal conversations is not just about fostering friendships; it’s about breaking down communication barriers. In a digital workspace, where interactions can often be transactional and task-oriented, watercooler chat spaces play a crucial role in creating a more human-centric and inclusive work environment.

Lastly, watercooler chats can contribute to employee well-being by providing a mental break from the typical work routine. The informal and lighthearted nature of these exchanges can act as a stress reliever, promoting a positive mindset and reducing burnout. Employees return to their tasks with a refreshed perspective, having had the opportunity to briefly disconnect from work-related pressures.

Create Your Watercooler Chat Space & Guidelines

Although the process of creating a watercooler chat space is relatively straightforward, it does involve some initial planning and structure. Select a communication tool that aligns with your organization’s needs and integrates seamlessly with existing workflows. Create guidelines to ensure that the space remains respectful, inclusive, and aligned with the organization’s values.

If you have a larger team, you might consider creating specific channels within the chat space to cater to diverse interests. Whether it’s a channel for hobbies, a book club, or general banter, providing options allows employees to engage in discussions that resonate with their unique preferences and personalities. 

Lastly, remember to regularly highlight and celebrate contributions to encourage active participation and reinforce the positive impact of the watercooler space.

Nurture a Positive Culture

To maximize the effectiveness of a watercooler chat space, it’s crucial to nurture a positive and respectful culture within the virtual environment. Encourage team members to share experiences, ideas, and thoughts openly while maintaining professionalism. 

While it may not be necessary, consider assigning moderators (perhaps via volunteer on a round-robin schedule) to ensure the space remains a safe and welcoming outlet for all.

Promote inclusivity within the watercooler space by actively seeking input from diverse voices. One way to do this is by inviting the moderator or selecting a weekly team member to start an icebreaker or share a poll. This can increase engagement in watercooler space and make others feel more comfortable utilizing it.

Measuring Success and Iterating

As with any initiative, measuring the success of the watercooler chat space is essential for ongoing improvement. Where possible, monitor engagement metrics, gather feedback from participants, and assess the impact on overall team dynamics. Utilize this data to iterate and refine the virtual watercooler experience continually.

Regularly reassess the topics, channels, and guidelines to ensure they align with the evolving needs and preferences of the team. Staying adaptable and responsive allows the watercooler chat space to evolve into a dynamic and integral aspect of the company culture.

Get your employee feedback

A well-executed watercooler chat space can significantly contribute to building engagement and fostering a positive workplace culture. However, understanding how your initiatives play a role in overall engagement and retention requires active measurement and feedback collection. 

Would your team be interested in a watercooler chat space? If there are better engagement ideas among your staff, employee engagement surveys are a great way to gather that feedback and turn it into action.

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