Teachers of Tomorrow Sets High Initial Engagement Survey Benchmark


Teachers of Tomorrow, a teacher certification organization, was facing large changes. With new leadership and almost 50% employee turnover, they turned their focus on improving their employee engagement. After making some early improvements they needed a way to measure engagement levels, benchmark their progress, and gain insights to guide future actions. 


The organization partnered with People Element, an employee experience platform that allows them to quickly and easily deploy surveys to their workforce, collect responses in real-time and analyze their data to create action plans. With the help of their People Element success manager, Teachers of Tomorrow launched their first engagement survey to get a baseline measurement of their current efforts. The team was looking forward to receiving their initial responses to see if the changes they had made over the past few months focusing on improving engagement and morale had a positive impact. Their goal is to use the survey results to empower their management team with access to their data, and to create realistic and achievable action plans.  

After this first survey, Suzanne Solomon, VP of People and Culture at the organization, mentioned that she found the People Element platform to be user-friendly, straightforward, and intuitive. 

About Teachers of Tomorrow

Founded in 2005, Teachers of Tomorrow is the nation’s largest alternative certification provider. With over 75,000 teachers licensed to date and more than 16 years of experience, Teachers of Tomorrow is committed to developing the highest quality educators who can positively impact their school and community. 


The organization was thrilled with the results of their first engagement survey. They had a particularly high participation rate, with 85% of the workforce sharing their thoughts and responses. Having solid participation sets the team up for successful action planning as they have a more complete representation of their employee sentiment. The team at Teachers of Tomorrow was also very pleased with their overall engagement score of 79% which is 18 points above the education industry engagement survey benchmark, and a great initial score.  

It is clear their early engagement efforts brought the team together and made an impact. Suzanne Solomon noted that the results have garnered a real sense of excitement and confidence about what’s to come. She was also happy to mention that when she shared the data with her team, everyone high-fived at the accomplishment. Now that a baseline has been set, and actionable data has been collected, Teachers of Tomorrow plans to run yearly engagement surveys going forward. They are excited to be able to compare progress year over year and implement positive, data-driven changes for their people. 

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