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Employee assessment with a personal touch

Whether you’re searching for talent or just looking for how to better manage those already on your team, our personality assessment tools can help. Our suite of Professional DynaMetric Programs (PDP) assessments has the ability to focus in on individuals, teams, and even job roles required. As a tool that is validated for hiring and is EEOC compliant, PDP assessments are one of the fastest ways to help determine which candidates to move forward in the hiring or promotion process.

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PDP Employee Assessments

Unlike other personality assessments, it takes just minutes to complete while still providing the thorough, in-depth analysis you need to confidently make hiring and managing decisions. After the assessment is completed you receive a one page summary as well as access to an easy-to-use online interface for those who want to dig into the results beyond the at-a-glance summary. With PDP, there’s plenty to dive into – the reporting tells you everything you need to know about managing your employees to their fullest potential.

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PDP allows you to discover:


  • Energy types
  • Work styles
  • Motivators
  • Communication styles
  • Stressors
  • Strengths
  • And much more

“PDP gives us the opportunity to intentionally focus on our strengths and the strengths of those with whom we work. Maybe most importantly, it simply makes us more aware of how we might be coming across to those around us and reminds us to be intentionally clear and respectful in our communications.”

– Stacey Sickmiller, Training and Development Specialist, TMC Transportation

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