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Survey Design, Analytics, Action Planning, and more – The People Element Platform

Our platform gives you an intuitive and customizable interface, advanced analytics, and automated action planning, so you can quickly and easily collect, understand, and act on workforce data. From survey design, to reports and dashboards, and even data collection methods, our system gives you complete control over the survey process to ensure each aspect fits your unique needs.


Key Features:


Focused on the full employee lifecycle

Understanding what’s really going on among your employees is impossible to do when you’re not looking at the big picture. What motivates people to go is without a doubt an important piece of the puzzle, but without the context of what inspired them to come and what encouraged them to stay, it’s just a data point with very little actionable insight. We believe there’s power in the whole picture, and focusing on the full lifecycle allows us to extrapolate data that matters and help you identify what it truly means for your organization.

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Employee experience insights that drive real change in real-time

Employee engagement solutions that recognize no two teams are alike. You have complete control over all aspects of your engagement survey to ensure it meets your unique needs and molds to your organization’s culture.

Employee Engagement Solutions with Positive Impact

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