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Engagement. Retention. Simplified.

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People Element simplifies improving the employee experience by

seamlessly combining a powerful platform with expert guidance that

equips leaders & managers to quickly identify insights and take action,

leading to increased engagement, higher retention, and better productivity.

Your Employee Experience Partner


Identify trends and opportunities in real-time

Easily cascade results to managers and equip them to act fast with built-in recommendations and action-planning, all standard.

Customizable real-time dashboard reporting ensures you always have quick access to the metrics that matter most.

Powerful analytical tools like sentiment analysis, heat mapping, benchmarks, and more, are always included all for one transparent and competitive price.

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Build any survey in seconds

Save time with our intuitive survey builder and its pre-loaded templates for on-demand as well as always-on surveys. Connect with hard-to-reach populations by leveraging distribution options of email, SMS, kiosk, and available outbound phone interviews.

Measure any population at any point in the employee lifecycle. Choose from engagement, new hire, exits, diversity and inclusion, well-being, manager effectiveness, and more. Or create from scratch with our library of expert-validated question items.

Ensure your continuous listening remains continuous. Unlimited platform access allows you to create as many surveys as you need, whenever you need.

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Expert guidance and support

We’re not successfully unless you are. That’s why you get guidance from a live experience manager to make sure you are comfortable with the platform as you start out.

Prefer to move at your own pace? We have you covered with a comprehensive library of articles, tutorials, and guides. Our intuitive platform interface and tooltips walk you through step-by-step as you go from measurement, to analysis, to action planning.

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“The People Element platform provides organizations with meaningful data, and insightfully presents the data in a clear and concise manner that allows organizations to take action to improve performance.”

-Shannon Flanagin, City and County of Denver, Project Administrator OHR/DHS


Focused on the full employee lifecycle

Understanding what’s really going on among your employees is impossible to do when you’re not looking at the big picture. What motivates people to go is without a doubt an important piece of the puzzle, but without the context of what inspired them to come and what encouraged them to stay, it’s just a data point with very little actionable insight. We believe there’s power in the whole picture, and focusing on the full lifecycle allows us to extrapolate data that matters and help you identify what it truly means for your organization.

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People Element focuses on creating meaningful organizational change through data-driven suggestions.

We care for your employees throughout the entire employee life cycle so we never miss a beat and neither do you.

Ready to make some change? Let’s talk!


Toll free:  800.800.5476
Local:  303.455.5100

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