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7 Interviewing Tips to Improve Cultural Fit

Posted by: Megan Younkin

Today I searched #culture on LinkedIn, and there were over 450 results posted in the last 24 hours. This is not at all surprising; it’s a hot topic right now, and for good reason. In an Employer Branding Study published in July 2020 by Hinge Research Institute, 57% of job seekers across career levels consider culture as important as pay when considering job opportunities. Additionally, 75% of recruiters said that cultural fit is more important than work history and experience in the hiring process. I’m not here to convince you that culture is important; there are 450+ people on LinkedIn who can help with that. I’m here to offer ideas for determining cultural fit, both for job seekers and for organizational teams.

I recently sat on the company side of several interviews for a position our team needed to fill. Multiple candidates asked about the company culture – describe it, what do you like about it, what’s the best thing about it, etc. As I gave my 47 cents about People Element’s culture, a few things occurred to me:

From these thoughts came a few questions:

Cultural Fit Tips for Interviewees

Cultural Fit Tips for Interviewers

Cultural fit is important, and these tips will help you get it right on both sides of the interview table. If you are looking for ways to better understand your organization’s culture and identify the actions that will positively impact your culture and employee engagement, People Element is happy to talk with you and understand your needs.

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