2024 Employee Engagement Report

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2024 Employee Engagement Report

Economic Uncertainty, State of Remote Work, & Impact of AI

Our work in employee feedback surveys and our employee engagement platform allows us to benchmark years of engagement data and trends and share best practices for a successful workforce. We have collected insights and statistics from our engagement research database to review engagement trends over the past 5 years and deeply dive into engagement from 2023. Below is a summary of our findings and the topics covered in depth within this report.

When CEOs were asked about “the biggest challenge they faced throughout 2023”, for the second year in a row they overwhelmingly referenced one thing—talent. Looking ahead to 2024, CEOs reported they are most worried about geopolitical instability, inflation, and market instability affecting their workforce. 
Impact of (Dis)Engagement

Research shows that high employee engagement correlates strongly with positive performance outcomes such as profitability, productivity, well-being, and retention. Unfortunately, many employees aren’t engaged at work or are even actively disengaged or ‘quiet quitting’. Disengagement not only impacts business outcomes but can also be very costly. It has been found that low engagement costs the global economy approximately $8.8 trillion and accounts for 9% of global GDP. 

State of Engagement

In 2023, we saw engagement levels drop back to pre-pandemic levels with 56% of employees engaged, leaving 44% disengaged. When compared with 2020 peak engagement levels at 61%, employees are feeling significantly less engaged and less satisfied with their organizations year over year. 

We dive deeper into 2023’s engagement by quarter and break down engagement levels by percentages. 

Drivers of Employee Engagement

Across our research since the beginning of the pandemic, it’s clear that certain employee experiences are trending downward, and new items have emerged as the strongest drivers of employee engagement. It’s important to identify your
organization’s key drivers—the questions that have the most impact on employee engagement. These key drivers will show
you where you can focus your efforts in order to make a greater impact on employee engagement.

We uncovered the three leading drivers of employee (dis)engagement in 2023 that we cover extensively in the full report.

Trends Impacting the Workplace

This report explores the changing trends that are impacting today’s workforce. Some key trends include:

  • economic uncertainty 
  • record stress levels
  • remote work debate
  • emerging gen z
  • AI in the workplace

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