Customized Consulting and Training Bring Big Reduction in Turnover at Boyd Bros

Taking a company to the top of its field requires a focused commitment to continuous improvement and the willingness to uncover the truth. After making the decision to begin their journey to the top, Boyd Bros. began their partnership with People Element. All Boyd Bros.’ hard work and dedication have paid off over the long haul.


  • 125% turnover
  • Cause of turnover unknown

As with most trucking companies at the time, Boyd experienced high driver turnover in excess of 125%. It was a mystery as to why drivers were leaving and what they could do about it.


  • Exit interviews
  • Fleet Manager Score Cards
  • Fleet Manager Training

In order to identify the reasons for the high turnover, People Element’s exit interviews were implemented to uncover the truth as to why drivers were leaving. The exit data showed that the primary cause of the high turnover was attributed to the fleet managers. People Element armed Boyd Bros. with industry best practices, comprehensive reports, and individual fleet manager score cards, enabling Boyd Bros. to begin interventions. With the help of our consulting team, they also implemented a comprehensive and customized fleet manager training program.

Awarded “Best Fleet to Drive For”
Boyd Bros. was recognized by the Truckload Carriers Association as the Best Fleet to Drive For. Richard Bailey, President of Boyd Bros. pointed out, “Once the pain has eased, it is too easy to turn to other problems and lose sight of the original one. [People Element] helped us focus on Fleet Manager improvement over a period of eight years. Scores would improve and then they would dip. Each time, we knew right where the adjustment was needed. Eventually our Fleet Managers became the best in the industry and we were awarded the Best Fleet to Drive For.”

Boyd Bros.’ Fleet Managers helped reduce turnover to 64% and continue to play a large part in the company’s success. Boyd’s dedication and commitment to continuous improvement led to increased revenue, improved safety scores, and more on-time deliveries. They continue to win awards, including the Truckload Carriers Association’s Best Fleets to Drive For, Commercial Carrier Journal Innovator of the Year and from their client, JMC Steel Group, and Most Valuable Carrier.


  • Turnover reduced to 64%
  • Increased safety scores
  • On-time deliveries increased
  • Increased revenue

“During the Recession, we cut driver pay four times. During that period, driver morale actually improved. We were able to make good decisions because we knew what our drivers were thinking. Now I am proud to say Boyd Bros. is a great company. We continue to use [People Element], because we want to continue to know how we are doing.”

About Boyd Bros. Transportation Inc.

Founded in 1956, Boyd Bros. is a flatbed truck carrier based in Clayton, Alabama, that hauls steel products and building materials throughout the eastern two thirds of the US. Boyd Bros. is dedicated to on-time, accident-free, and efficient as possible service for its customers. Together, the Boyd Bros. companies comprise one of the five largest open-deck/specialty carriers in North America.

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