Firm Strengthens Communication & Engagement with Culture of Transparency


This real estate investment company partnered with People Element three years ago and runs an annual employee engagement survey each year. 

When the organization was presented with its 2022 survey results, they found that communication was one of their lowest scoring categories. The data showed that there was an opportunity to improve upon both departmental and interdepartmental communication. They also wanted to focus on keeping employees informed and enhancing companywide communication and overall transparency. 


Action by Department 

With its sights set on improving communication across the board, the organization decided to change its approach to sharing annual survey results. In previous years, they had met with the whole company at once to share the survey results and next steps as a large group. This year they focused on meeting with each department individually. This shift enabled them to share the changes that had been implemented since the prior year, including compensation, benefits, and DE&I initiatives and discuss pertinent information specific to each group.  Along with this, they had each department lead develop their own specific action items that they were responsible for sharing with their team of employees. 

By breaking these conversations into smaller groups, there was more opportunity for results and action items to be discussed further and for employees to feel included in the conversation. 


A New Meeting Style 

The organization has always led from a culture of transparency, but they wanted to expand on those efforts even further. To enhance companywide communication, the organization made a concerted effort to refine all meetings with employees. They decided they needed to go into each meeting with three specific goals in mind: to be targeted, focused, and transparent with their people. They focused on encouraging question and answer sessions where no topics were avoided, and no questions would go unanswered.  

This initiative was set in place in hopes of keeping employees more informed about matters that affect them and deepening the overall culture of transparency. 



The organization’s commitment to enhancing overall communication and transparency has made a great impact on their employee engagement. Their 2023 engagement survey results show that their communication category score increased by eight percentage points since their last survey in 2022. This was one of the biggest increases that they saw in any category. Within that category, they also noted that their most improved survey question was, “I am kept informed about matters that affect me.” Favorable responses to this question increased by thirteen percentage points in just one year. 

Other notable increases include the Individual Needs category with an increase of eight percentage points, and Company Culture with an increase of seven percentage points.  

In addition to these positive categorical increases, the organization saw a notable increase in overall employee engagement and favorability. Engagement increased by six points for an average engagement level of 73%, and favorability increased four points for a total of 83% favorable responses.  

Engagement & Favorability Graph
  • Engagement refers to the percentage of the population that is engaged based on People Element’s Engagement Index.  
  • Favorability refers to the percentage of favorable survey responses. 
In summary, the increased transparency and focused departmental sessions around engagement survey feedback has increased awareness, communication, and overall engagement for their organization.  

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