Burrell Behavioral Health Doubles Survey Response Rate with Third-Party Assistance


Having only conducted engagement surveys in-house, Burrell Behavioral Health’s survey efforts were consistently producing a low participation rate of only 50%, and therefore not capturing the voice of half of their workforce. Given the persistence of their low participation issue, which is commonly one of the many issues companies experience when running internally-administered surveys, Burrell decided to involve a third-party for assistance and reached out to People Element for help.


Leveraging the communication templates included in the People Element platform, Burrell built a two-week-long communications campaign consisting of company-branded images, videos, and departmental participation challenges. Burrell also had the support of their assigned People Element experience manager who not only helped optimize their survey to achieve maximum participation, but also monitored its progress and advised on how to improve participation while the survey was active.

About Burrell Behavioral Health

With a strong focus on creating access points for care, Burrell Behavioral Health is the second-largest behavioral health center in Missouri with more than 45,000 clients across 25 counties in Missouri and Arkansas. With more than 150 licensed providers offering a full continuum of care through its integrated network, Burrell is committed to meeting the ever-growing mental health needs of its communities.


  • Participation rate doubled from 50% to 98%
  • Improved representation from employee population

Burrell ended up with a near-perfect 98% participation rate, providing them the satisfaction that this feedback represented a full picture of the engagement level of their workforce. Department leaders acted upon the results with confidence, and carried out action plans to address the survey findings. Quarterly pulse surveys were also used to determine the effectiveness of the action plans.

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