Exit Interviews Help Financial Organization
Identify Root Causes of Turnover


This financial institution partnered with People Element over six years ago. This organization leverages the survey platform and People Element’s in-house team of phone interviewers who collect employee feedback via live exit interviews.


Identifying the Root Cause of Turnover

In their exit surveys this past year, employees were asked to rate 13 exit factors based on the level of impact each one had on them leaving the organization. Using the People Element platform reporting tools, the organization easily identified that perceptions around schedule flexibility could be improved and was an opportunity area for them. Based on the responses, they found that scheduling was one of the main factors leading to turnover, especially among their tellers and call center agents.


Focusing on Flexibility

Once they had exit factor data to guide their focus, their leadership team made a concerted effort to improve perceptions around schedule flexibility. They started by boosting their staffing levels across the board and bringing in additional part-time employees to assist with shift loads. This helped to alleviate some of the strain on their teams and improved schedules for many. 

Additionally, they started to provide more opportunities for trading shifts, which introduced greater schedule flexibility for their part-time employees. Aside from these main initiatives, they kept a strong focus on ensuring that their teams felt supported and accommodated schedules whenever possible.


After quickly taking steps to respond to this challenge, the organization witnessed schedule flexibility shift from being one of the top two exit factors in exit surveys, to being one of the lowest. Schedule flexibility is now ranking 8th out of 13 exit factors. 

This was not only a win for the organization but proved to be some of the most telling data for their recent meeting with their Board of Directors. It helped reinforce the value of listening and collecting feedback from employees to identify these areas of opportunity, and how taking action on what matters can create strong business outcomes.

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