Month: August 2022

The Importance of Onboarding

The Importance of Onboarding employee orientation

Orientation Alone Isn’t Enough We frequently hear “We already have an employee onboarding process.” in our discussions at People Element. By digging deeper, we have learned that this statement has different meanings depending on who we are speaking with. Often times, people are using the terms onboarding and orientation interchangeably. They are not the same […]

Nursing Shortage Statistics for 2022

Nursing Shortage Statistics for 2022 nursing shortage e-book

Free E-Book – 2022 Nursing Shortage Statistics An Overview of Staffing Trends We have collected research-based statistics on the ongoing nursing shortage and compiled predicted employment trends for the healthcare industry. Below is a short summary of our findings and the topics covered in depth within this E-book. Download 2022 Nursing Shortage Statistics E-Book Here […]

Top 20 Employee Wellness Statistics

Top 20 Employee Wellness Statistics

It’s no secret that employee wellness efforts have become widespread in the workplace. These initiatives aren’t just a trend, the data shows that there are significant benefits for both the organization and the employee when wellness is embraced.  We have collected 20 of the top research-based statistics around employee wellness and well-being programs.   Key […]

4 Reasons to Embrace Employee Wellness Surveys

4 Reasons to Embrace Employee Wellness Surveys

Generally speaking, over the past century, organizations across the globe have focused their energy on what you would expect: hiring and training staff, setting strategic goals and growing their bottom line. The topic of employee stress, health and happiness is not something that has been historically prioritized. However, in today’s post-COVID world, employee wellness surveys […]